BGM- Boogie the Gorilla & Myself

Old school tricks of the trade meet’s modern-day moto design”

BGM is a motorcycle garage that won’t be classed on the type of coffee it serves. Don’t ask for milk though. BGM focus on classic bikes servicing and restoring and part – full custom builds. They will take on a classic resto mod or custom build in any condition even if’s a box full of parts. There’s no preference in what year of motorcycle rolls through the door nor what vision the client has in mind.
At BGM there is no pretence, or attitude. It’s a club that welcomes riders that ride their bikes in all seasons or that one hot Sunday afternoon in June. You can always be guaranteed of a conversation but don’t rev the nuts off your bike outside the shop if you value your life.
BGM’s workshop incorporates skillsets that have been developed over years of practice and all spliced into one common goal, to produce the best result and get your bike on the road.
Please note: We are not a specialized dealer or mainstream garage. So, no modern bikes allowed!


 Den Ivanov- founder

Den spent his childhood in Plovdiv Bulgaria under strict Soviet control. Studying Graphic Design at University then leaving at the age of 21, to venture beyond the iron curtain. His travels took him to America and beyond, working on motorcycles to help pay for the next flight.
He returned home and set up a Graphic/Web Design company in 2004 but dreamed of turning that hobby into something real. His brother owned a Ducati specialist motorcycle garage in Strasbourg, so it wasn’t long before Den was there, specializing on Ducati’s and learning the dirty art of motorcycles.  “Motorcycles were always treated as a hobby and a formed a common bond for him and his brother”
A chance trip the UK in 2010 lit a fuse in Den and he knew it was time to take what he had learned and go it alone. He set himself up in his friends shed repairing motorcycles and going about customizing a couple of small engine Hondas. It was tough going but business slowly picked up. Word of mouth got around that there was foreign fella not scared of taking on any problems from any old bike.

Tonie Wishart

Tonie grew up in the backwaters of New Zealand. His home town of Westport gave him the freedom to Snowboard, Surf, MTB and ride motorbikes on beaches that run for miles. His training as an electrician lead him into giant LED screen industry, working alongside famous musicians and on worldwide events.
Tonie brings an electrical background and product design skill to BGM. He also assists in the day to day operations.
(But if there’s a chance to chop up a frame, he’s in!)