Built magazine 22nd July 2021– feature in Issue 36

We love an opportunity to invite the two “Gary’s” around to the shop, so when the covid restrictions were relaxed we made a call and arranged a date. It was the hottest week of the year when the visit took place, which made it perfect day to get the latest builds out in the sun & crack open a beer (or water)…
We had three tasty builds for the fellas to look at. The first being a 1980’s FT500 sport scrambler with bark busters, aluminum duck bill front guard, and a modern motocross seat and custom tail guard. This is a build that screams “Thrash it”! The Honda FT are not big bikes and can be thrown around with ease. Which is exactly what the customer was looking for.
The next build was for a long existing customer that had been a shop regular for many years. He had a larger-than-life personality hence why this build was named “Foghorn Leghorn” (Google it). Sadly, he passed away unexpectedly which left everyone at BGM devastated especially Den who knew him well. But the build will carry on and become a tribute to a loved father from a son. The bike is a 1970’s CB750 American import. It will have a hand-made aluminum nose cone which incorporates 2 LED headlights and a retro speedo. The bike features exposed fuel and oil lines, Brembo brakes and will be topped off with a full blowen paint job of a P51 WW2 fighter with yellow
nose cone and custom crazy rooster graphic on the tank. This all ties in with the family’s connection to the local Wellesbourne airfield in Warwickshire.
The last build to show off was the RC42 which is mentioned in the previous blog. It was great to get Gary Margerum horizontal again and take some fantastic pictures of the bike on a such a cracking day. We always enjoy the company of the Gary’s when we catch up with them and look forward to the next time.  Thanks again Built magazine!!


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