Built Magazine – Issue 21 – BGM HQ, Stratford-upon-Avon

You could say I pestered Gary Pinchin @ Built Magazine to pop by for a visit (I won’t go as far as harass) So one stunning sunny autumn day back in Nov 2018 , Gary and top-notch photographer Gary Margerum said, “alright then!” and called in for a cuppa.
The original reason was to photo shoot the KHIz400 which they had spotted at the 2018 Bike Shed Show at Tobacco Docks earlier in the year but once they arrive to BGM HQ they soon discovered an old skool workshop with a truck load of tasty bikes tucked away in the corners which got them licking their lips.
We started off by rolling the KHIz400 out and taking some stunning pics in the Autumn sunlight with a cascade of seasonal colours. We really couldn’t have picked a better day for a photo shoot. The Army tracker was next in the lenses and the shots Gary took in front of the old barn really made her look her best. We rounded the pics off with shots of “Goldie” our little Honda CB250 café racer just as the light began to fade.

In the meantime, while the bikes were getting their pictures taken, Den was busy giving Gary a full lesson on Brexit ( this was not by choice of course) and the history of BGM. I’m pretty sure they enjoyed their time at the office cos the “1 hour pop in for a quick cuppa” visit quickly turned into 4 hours and a load of laughs for all involved.
Den, Clive and Tonie would like to thank Gary Pinchin and Gary Margerum for taking the time to visit us and including an article on not only the KHIz400 but BGM itself. It’s a great honour for a small workshop like ours to be such a prestigious motorcycle magazine. Cheers fellas.


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