Honda FT 500 Army Tracker

Originally started life as an early eighties Honda and their attempt to develop a road legal flat track motorcycle. Not the very popular FT500 and if you check the standard version, you can guess why!
But digging deeper underneath the square tank and plastics you’ll find a juicy single Honda XL engine in a strong and simple tubular frame waiting to be given a new life.
The design was inspired from WWII military and the rough off-road terrains armies had to cross, especially on the Eastern Front. Originally, we were aiming to strip all possible excess weight including most of the heavy gear like battery, starter motor, relay’s, and unnecessary electric’s. But as usual the voice of reason in our team (Clive), thought the bike will appeal to a wider audience if we keep all the girl’s equipment on the bike. So, we came with the idea of an electric box resembling the German Infantry gas mask canisters.
The upgraded stiffer suspension combined with the tkc80 tyres feels sweet on any surface.
The bike is still available and can be seen in our showroom! (POA)