Moto Guzzi California 3 brat

The “Moto Californication” started life as a 1990 Moto Guzzi California 3. It was originally modified in Holland in 2014 but not to the BGM “Gold” standard. The owner used it for a year and then moved to UK. This is when he asked us to finish off the build and have it UK registered.
The idea was simple, keep the original vision somewhere between cruiser and old school brat bike.
We started stripping down the bike by de lugging and simplified the frame. New side panels and leather seat were designed to suit the Moto Guzzi’s laid back style. Cool LSL flat bars, modern Brembo master cylinder were fitted and the pipes wrapped. The suspension upgraded with a set of Koni rear shocks and the front forks tightened up. We completely overhauled the wiring loom, brake systems and carburetors.
For once we agreed with our customer to keep the modern Japanese switchgear, modern tyres and digital speedometer as it’s a “reliable and practical”, every day solution, as the client said…. (“Ugly Chinese plastic”, as Den said…, “The client is always right”, as Tonie said…., “Whatever”, as Clive said!). Once we completed the build and UK registered the bike we gave it its final tweaks and tune up ready to blast the streets.
Sadly, after a couple of months enjoying the bike our customer had to leave the country and put the Guzzi back in the showroom with the for sale sign on. (POA)