Royal Enfield B500 Tracker

Our Himalayan tracker started as a Standard 2004 Enfield Bullet 500. Traveled around India and the Himalayas before imported by a friend and passed on to us.
We kept all the mechanical original, so you still enjoy a ride coming out of the 60’s. The only needed upgrades were electrics, carburation, and suspension. We pumped the bike up with couple of inches and fitted trial tyres, aluminum mudguards, single seat, rear rack and fiberglass electric covers… Then Voila! Our tough and rough scrambler was ready to travel the globe. No fancy this and that rebuilds here, just a real, roar machine ready for every day battle with the rain and rust on this Island or others. It was used by Den as a daily ride for about a year. Den’s favorite memories are shifting gears (“it’s a delicate crunchy process….”) and early morning starts after a week of wet sumping in the back of the garden. His understanding neighbours still remember that wonderful smell in the morning, but hey, that’s British engineering for you!
We always had a soft spot for the rough-edged Indian… except for Clive! (He raced one a very long time ago and has emotional scars) But we sadly passed it on to his new owner who still rides and enjoys it on a sunny weekend!