The KHI @ The Bike Shed

WOW!… The z400 made it to the Bike Shed 2018 at Tobacco Dock and it went down a treat!
We decided to go with a Ducati grey and Kawasaki green stripes on the tank which really set the bike off. The KHI logo had people guessing to, but once explained, quickly received nods of approval.
The side panels were left raw, then brushed polished, which looked great in the sunlight and the smooth and clean lines of the bike really impressed the crowds.
There were numerous people asking questions about the bike but no more so than Helen Stanley from Goblin Garage on the Quest TV Channel. She immediately appreciated the style and attention to detail and fell in love with it.
Looks like we better get set to make another!!
A massive thanks go out to Vikki, Dutch, Ross, and the team at the Bike Shed for putting on an amazing event which we were humbled to be part of.  Cheers, BGM Crew.


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